About Chris

Chris Fornataro is a 23 year old actor living in Los Angeles. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, he came to USC as a football player in 2008, but left the team to enroll in USC's School of Theatre. Since then, Chris has acted in 15 short films, some of which he helped write and produce. In the summer of 2010, he played the lead role of Jesse in the feature film, Bad is Bad, for which critics lauded his performance. His second feature film, The Hands You Shake, wrapped in July 2012, and is now being submitted to film festivals.

Chris has been an avid painter since childhood, and continues to practice when not filming.

"It's Fornataro, in particular, who really slams a home run in the acting department as the mysterious Jesse. For quite some time, it's unclear whether Jesse is just completely freakin' nuts or if he's a psycho with an agenda. Even as the story unfolds, it becomes impossible to take sides for or against the young man thanks to Fornataro's complex and emotionally resonant performance." - Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"The performances from all the leads are top notch, particularly Fornataro's turn as Jesse, whose concentration is downright hypnotic." - Matthew Saliba, Rogue Cinema